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ATTENTION!!! David Padilla's Disappearance Has The World In A Muck! The Reggs Have Started A War With The World! Preparation's Are Being Made! Be Ready For The Fight Of Your Life! Copyright ©2015 PurpApe Productions, All Rights Reserved
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Oh no. How could this be?! The war as managed to spread to all corners of the region! Yakao Mocha has finally given in. The madness needs to be stopped. A new Organization known as the Blue Morpho has been created and Yakao has become its leader. Their purpose to save those who need protection from the Mayhem. Yasi has announced if Koba doesn't surrender she will initiate Plan Monarch Striker! Koba refuses to Back down! All three world leaders are now at each others throats! What are we to do? What can we do?! Be on your toes! Don't let you guard down...the real war...has begun.
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PostSubject: Stat System   Stat System I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2015 10:45 pm

Padilla RP Stat System

So you want to stat. That's great, stats are a key part of combat, and have multiple other uses in rp after all. However, before we go into the nitty-gritty details of Padilla's stat system, it's important that a certain understanding be reached. While stats can mean a lot, they aren't the most important aspect. Who can lift more, who's faster, what can one dodge, these are the questions that stats exist to answer. However, roleplaying skills are not to be neglected, someone with lower stats can always win, if they are able to outfox their opponent. Stats mainly exist to give a guideline of characters' abilities, however do not let this hinder you. Knowing this, prepare to have some stat knowledge imparted upon you.

What Goes In Your Profile? The Basics of Our System

Stat systems where each level entails updates can be a lot of work, for both mods and players. So here, we've chosen to instead implement a system based around "Assigned Percentages". Under this system, rather than having to distribute stats with each new level, they are considered to be automatically distributed based on your level. Keep in mind, that one cannot easily change their assignment of stats, so it's important to think carefully about how you distribute them initially.

All characters have five stats: might, resistance, stamina, agility, and perception  (more on these later).  Additionally, they possess a number, called a PR (power rating). The power rating represents a stat point total, and is calculated by the following:

4*(Level) + 100

That is to say, at level 1 a character has a power rating of 104, and a max level (level 100) character would have a power rating of 500. A level 0, or someone with a PR of only 100, is considered to be an average person in the world of Padilla, so congrats on starting at above average.

Now, this power rating is distributed based on percentages which you assign to each stat when making your character sheet. As calculating a PR is fairly easy, there's no need for monotonous updating, or waiting in order for your character to grow in strength. To demonstrate how this system works, I'm going to use an example Regg character:

Stat Distribution:
Might: 20%
Resistance: 20%
Stamina: 20%
Agility: 20%
Perception: 20%

Above, the five stats can be seen, as well as the percentages, which the player has assigned to each stat when making their character. These stats can be assigned any way so long as they add up to 100% total and no stat has 0% assigned to it, but for ease of explanation I've gone with an even distribution. Now, we add in the race bonus for Reggs, which is + 15% to agility (see the races and their bonuses HERE). Race bonuses allow characters to exceed 100%, and give them an added edge in certain areas.

Stat Distribution:
Might: 20%
Resistance: 20%
Stamina: 20%
Agility: 20% + 15%
Perception: 20%

Now for the interesting part. So, the Regg we've made is level 1, and therefore has a PR of 104. Given this, his stat points could be calculated by anyone as follows (rounding to the nearest whole number):

Stat Distribution:
Might: 21
Resistance: 21
Stamina: 21
Agility: 36
Perception: 21

At level 5, with the same character and a PR of 120, the stats would instead be:

Stat Distribution:
Might: 24
Resistance: 24
Stamina: 24
Agility: 42
Perception: 24

And lastly, should this brave fellow succeed in reaching level 100 to get the PR of 500, their stats would be:

Stat Distribution:
Might: 100
Resistance: 100
Stamina: 100
Agility: 175
Perception: 100

Hopefully this will aid you in your understanding of the stat system. Remember, when creating a character, the percentages assigned to each stat should be in both your character's profile for verification, as well as in your character sheet for ease of viewing. Should any questions arise, feel free to pm any mod or admin, or to ask the chat for aid in understanding the system.

The Meaning of Stats

Hopefully by this point you understand the workings of the stat system. However you may be wondering, this is great and all, but what do the stats mean? Furthermore, is 20 in might good? Bad? Fear not lost child, the following section should provide illumination as to the meaning of each stat, as well as the tiers within them.

In regards to the following ranges, note that at the high and low ends of each tier, the line begins to become blurred between the two tiers, and that these tiers only exist to provide a general idea.

Do you even lift? This stat generally entails how much raw physical power is able to emerge from your character. This stat is generally favored in melee brawlers, but also has various use out of combat. For instance, carrying heavy loads or throwing objects great distances also require might.

Might Tiers:

What does it take to scratch you? Is punching you like hitting a wall, or do you shatter to the touch. Resistance is well, your ability to resist things. Potent for preservation, this stat can make the difference between life and death, quite literally. While this allows one to withstand forces, it doesn’t negate them altogether. Needless to say, taking a pounding will hurt a lot less with decent resistance.

Resistance Tiers:

Not to be underrated, stamina is a key stat. Stamina both refers to health, in the sense of how much damage one can take, as well as the amount of exertion one can handle. Being able to outrun a bullet or lift a skyscraper is great and all, but without stamina doing so for more than a brief instant is hardly an option. While not used for unconventional abilities such as spells, stamina can also be considered applicable to abilities that cause the user physical exertion. Of course, we won’t draw a health and mana bar and keep you to it by force, but be reasonable folks. You might be able to sprint, but that doesn’t mean you can run a marathon, at least not without ample stamina.

Stamina Tiers:

Gotta go fast? Than this stat is the one for you. For more than just running around, this stat also refers to the general speed of movement. Attacking fast and dodging your foes are notable gifts of this stat. Some would say that moving too fast can be a problem if you can’t back it up with your awareness, but they’re probably just bitter from getting your dust in their mouths.

Agility Tiers:

How good are your senses, how fast can you react, how observant are you? All of these fall into the realm of perception, which blankets over that used to perceive your surroundings. Perception at higher levels can even allow one to dodge bullets or detect even the most hidden enemies.

A side note on perception, for those who may choose to have a blind or deaf character, simply treat the senses as if the non impaired senses grow significantly enough to compensate based on the tier

Perception Tiers:

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PostSubject: Re: Stat System   Stat System I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 21, 2015 8:24 pm

Edits List;

9/21/2015 - Added Stat Tiers 1-6 and Stat Descriptions.
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Stat System
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