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PostSubject: Item System   Item System I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 25, 2016 8:56 pm

Padilla Legend’s Item System

What is an Item?

An item is anything used by a character. Generally items have two types: weapons and other items.

Weapons: These are the more complex category of items, and consist of anything which falls within the grade system which shall soon be discussed. These items play heavy utility and combat roles. These objects are also permanent, that is to say, even if they are used or destroyed in a thread, it can assume that the owner will have replaced them at the beginning of their next thread.

Items: These are any object which does not fall into the above categories. In many cases these may simply be items that give character to characters, no more applicable in battle than garments. In other cases, these items may have abnormal effects. These types of items may be single use in some cases. Items also include materials for crafting and trade.

A Note on Clothes: While it may be tempting to have an outfit that is made of metal chains, it should be noted that clothing can give no benefits outside of those purely pertaining to comfort and practical use. For instance, you can’t have clothing which is bullet resistant, however you can tear off a piece of your clothing to make a bandage. As an extreme example, if someone wanted, their clothing could be a suit of metal armor. However, unless they had metal armor as an actual weapon, the suit of armor would be as effective as a pajamas at cushioning an impact.

Weapon Categories:

While called the “weapon” designation, weapons consist of a broader range of items including various gears, armors, and yes, weapons.

Weapons: These are what you would typically associate with being a weapon. Hammers, rifles, shotguns, swords, spears, and all other kinds of harm causing devices. Weapons are notable for being weld, so something like a grenade wouldn’t be considered a weapon.

Armors: Protective layers, these can be anything from arm guards to a ballistic vest, to a full suit of medieval armor. Armors offer their wearers the benefits of reduced damage, which can be from both attacks and the environment. Armors can only be sizes with the “body” size.

Gears: If neither an armor or a weapon, a weapon falls into the category of being a gear. A gear may vary in use, in some cases being grenades, in other cases being something such as boots which help the user increase speed, or a grappling hook. Gear is generally either a form of explosive, or some other utility tool.

Weapon Types

In addition to possessing categories, Weapons also fall into a number of different types, Conventional, Enhanced, and Fusion.

Conventional: Conventional weapons entail both medieval style weapons and modern arms of the real world. Normal rifles, swords, scythes, grenades, body armor, all these types of things fall into this category. Generally, these weapons don’t have more than normal effects, however they are far from useless. These weapons are the most common weapon, especially by non Reggs.

Enhanced: Thanks to the developmental prowess of Reggs, enhanced weapons became possible. These are conventional weapons in most senses but with a little extra oomf. At low levels, these may simply offer electric charges, but more advanced weapons may be enhanced by plasma, and in some cases can even have effects against the nature of physics.

Fusion: A fusion weapon simply combines multiple weapons. Boomerang sword? Shotgun axe? Weapons such as these fall under the category of fusion weapons. Fusion weapons often have moving parts, and can consist of conventional weapons, enhanced weapons, or a mix of the two.

Weapon Sizes:

Absurd: Absurd weapons generally run at a minimum of two meters in height. These weapons appear very imposing, but also often carry an immense weight. Pretty much all the time, these weapons are unwieldy and impractical, with their users having difficulty even lifting them. Oftentimes, these weapons may be the same as large weapons, taken a step to far.

Large: These weapons are hefty works, but not impractically so. Halberds, bo staffs, spears, battle axes, and greatswords, riot shields, and larger sniper rifles all would fall into this category. These weapons often require stronger users, and generally lose their practicality in small spaces, though they pack a menacing wallop.

Normal: Katanas, assault rifles, rapiers, shotguns, and similarly sized items constitute this size. These are the most common weapon size, as it is practical in most situations without being cumbersome and with a decent range for melee. While still impaired in very enclosed spaces, these weapons can still be used. As a consequence, these weapons are generally considered to be the most versatile size.

Small: Small weapons include short swords, half blades, submachine guns, pistols, shoes, gauntlets, conventional explosive charges, and other weapons of a similar size. Small weapons can be concealed more easily and are good in close proximity encounters, however they usually suffer for range as a result.

Tiny: Tiny weapons include weapons such as a small knife, a glove, a very small pistol, and grenades. This weapon size is generally impractical in most 1v1 fighting situations, due to limited range. However, these weapons make up for it, you can have two of these for the cost of a single small weapon!

Set: Set weapons are pretty much entirely useless in close quarters combat without a specialty in using them. These weapons are the like of throwing stars, knives, and needles. For these weapons, one gets five for the corresponding cost of a single small weapon. Generally, these weapons rely on precision for their damaging capacity. Fusion weapons cannot be set weapons.

Body(Part): This weapon type goes on a part of your body. Something of this size may be an armguard, boots, a helmet, or a chestplate, these items are always worn on the body, often with some measure of strap. These cannot be fusion weapons.

Body(Full): Body full sized items cover the entirety of one’s bodies. These are generally body armor or cloaks, but do not exceed the size of the user’s body. This could vary from a knight’s armor from the middle ages to full modern SWAT armor. At high levels, this may even include powered armor. These cannot be fusion weapons.

Body(Intra): This size is only available for severed limbs and Cybons. These items are various types of prosthetics, which replace or supplement the functioning of a limb or organ. That’s really all there is to say on the matter. These cannot be fusion weapons.

The Grading System:

Grading determines the quality of items. For different weapon types, this can entail different things. For blades grades generally refer to the blade strength, while for guns grades refer to a mix of penetration power, range, and fire rate. In regards to enhanced weapons, Grade allows for more complex enhancements, such as the introduction of plasma, electricity, lasers, or other enhancing elements. Fusion weapons are fused of weapons of that grade, and each grade increases the number of weapons which can be fused.

It should be noted that for some items, getting the same weapon of different grades offers a notable increase. A Grade D dagger for instance would mainly be effective just at cutting skin, while a Grade S dagger could slash through the armor of a tank with ease. Similarly, a Grade D bow would be relatively weak, while a Grade S bow would have a massive range and potent penetrating power.

Grade D: Grade D is the lowest grade of weapons. These weapons are likely made of normal wood or weaker metal alloys. Guns of this type are lower range and never semi or fully automatic, consisting mostly of pistols, old rifles, and medieval bows while explosives are likely limited to weak smoke bombs. Armor can be expected to provide light protection against light debris and weapons on this level. Enhanced weapons have limited bonus effects, which are mainly limited to low levels of electricity and flame, similar to what might be found in normal weapons such as a taser or a shock baton or simple motion implemented into the weapons. Alternatively, enhanced weapons of this level can offer an improvement on an inherent function of the enhanced weapon. Fusion weapons can only consist of two different weapons.

Grade C: Weapons are now made of stronger materials, and may include moving parts such as in a chainsaw. For guns weapons such as rifles and shotguns become options, though generally of the weaker variety, and explosives of the grade would include items such as normal grenades and claymores. Armor can provide protection in general situations, but not heavy combat situations. Enhanced weapons can now offer small buffs in the case of worn items, and come in the variety of plasma as well as stronger electricity, as well as more significant improvements upon the object’s natural function. Fusion weapons are still limited to consisting of a maximum of two items, though these items are of Grade C.

Grade B: Grade B weapons are of a high grade material, and cover the vast majority of weapons one would conceive. Projectile armaments may include rocket launchers, fully automatic high powered assault rifles, and top notch sniper rifles. Explosives at this level can be expected to have high concussive force sufficient to leave small craters. Aside from direct hits and weapons of equal or greater strength, armor provides fairly reliable protection the majority of the time. Enhanced weapon have their previous capacities increased, substantially and can also implement concepts such as energy shielding and propulsion. Fusion weapons of this grade can be composed of three weapons.

Grade A: This grade enables incredibly high quality materials to be used in the crafting of weapons. Projectile weapons now cover everything from anti-material rifles to multi-rocket launchers and heavy gatling guns. Using explosives of this strength can leave craters exceeding a diameter of 10 meters. Armor can protect from the vast majority of attacks. Enhanced weapons gain capacities that would normally fall into the domain of the abilities of other races, such as a gravity hammer, or particle accelerator based weapons. Fusion weapons of this grade remain at a max of three component weapons.

Grade S, SS, and SSS: These weapons are on the level of legendary objects and have reached an a very high level of quality. No weapons fail to fall within this category, and these are the highest grade. Enhanced weapons of this level often can possess qualities which drastically expand on previous ability capacities. Explosives cause immense devastation and armor ensures a high level of safety. Fusion weapons of this grade are limited to four weapons. As “S”s are added to the grade, these qualities can be considered to be expanded upon.

Grade X: These weapons are a unique type of item which can only be attained through atypical means, generally as some sort of out of context reward given through events. Items of these grade cannot be player designed or customized, only existing in the forms which they were created.

Introduction to Gaining Weapons and Items:

Weapons and Items can be conventionally achieved in multiple ways, detailed below.

Trade: If another character has an item or weapon your character wants, you can offer a trade, either of your items, gyun, or some combination in exchange for the weapon. The characters then exchange goods. Note that one cannot trade between multiple characters of their own.

Purchase: Items may come up for sale in stores. Similarly, conventional weapons up to Grade A can be bought for 1.5 times their total crafting price (price of all the materials used to craft the item), + 50% per grade after Grade D, through use of purchase adjustments (For example, buying a Grade D Set item would cost 75 Gyun, while a Grade A set item would cost 1,500 Gyun). Materials can be purchased simply for their listed prices in purchase adjustments. To purchase an item, one must be of a sufficient level, as shown below:

  • Grade D - Level 0
  • Grade C - Level 5
  • Grade B - Level 15
  • Grade A - Level 25

Rewards: Occasionally through events or missions, one will obtain an item or a weapon as a reward for completion.

Crafting: Regg characters can craft weapons of higher grades as their level increases, by combining materials. This allows for one to make weapons with the fewest number of restrictions, and including conventional, enhanced, and fusion weapons.

A Guide to Materials and Crafting:

There exists three fundamental material types. Each of these types is used in crafting different weapons types, and spans all grades. Below is the cost of each Grade of each material type.

Basic Material:

  • Grade D - 10 Gyun
  • Grade C - 20 Gyun
  • Grade B - 40 Gyun
  • Grade A - 80 Gyun
  • Grade S - 160 Gyun

Enhancing Catalyst:

  • Grade D - 30 Gyun
  • Grade C - 45 Gyun
  • Grade B - 60 Gyun
  • Grade A - 90 Gyun
  • Grade S - 120 Gyun

Fusion Catalyst:

  • Grade D - 20 Gyun
  • Grade C - 25 Gyun
  • Grade B - 35 Gyun
  • Grade A - 50 Gyun
  • Grade S - 70 Gyun

Each weapon type has different crafting requirements based on weapon size for what materials are needed. The quantity of materials remains the same across all grades, the only change is the grade of the materials needed.

Conventional Weapons:

  • Absurd - 13 Basic Material
  • Large - 10 Basic Material
  • Normal - 7 Basic Material
  • Small - 5 Basic Material
  • Tiny - 5 Basic Material
  • Set - 5 Basic Material
  • Body (Part) - 7 Basic Material
  • Body (Whole) - 10 Basic Material
  • Body (Intra) - 7 Basic Material

Enhanced Weapons:

  • Absurd - 13 Basic Material, 4 Enhancing Catalysts
  • Large - 10 Basic Material, 3 Enhancing Catalysts
  • Normal - 7 Basic Material, 2 Enhancing Catalysts
  • Small - 5 Basic Material, 1 Enhancing Catalysts
  • Tiny - 5 Basic Material, 2 Enhancing Catalysts
  • Set - 5 Basic Material, 5 Enhancing Catalysts
  • Body (Part) - 7 Basic Material, 2 Enhancing Catalysts
  • Body (Whole) - 10 Basic Material, 3 Enhancing Catalysts
  • Body (Intra) - 7 Basic Material, 2 Enhancing Catalysts

Fusion Weapons:
All fusion weapons simply require component weapons of the same Grade, and 1 Fusion Catalyst per item being fused.

The only exception to the above crafting recipes is S class items. In addition to the ingredients described above, an S class item requires one Legendary Catalyst per level of S. For instance, a Grade SS small enhanced weapon would be crafted with 7 Grade S basic material, 1 Grade S enhancing catalyst, and 2 Legendary Catalysts. Legendary Catalysts can only be achieved through the completion of high level missions and in rare cases as rewards.

Only Reggs can craft items, and require certain levels to craft items of certain ranks. The level requirements are shown below:

  • Grade D - Level 5
  • Grade C - Level 10
  • Grade B - Level 15
  • Grade A - Level 20
  • Grade S - Level 30
  • Grade SS - Level 40
  • Grade SSS - Level 50

Item Upgrading: In addition to creating weapons, Reggs can also upgrade weapons. To convert a conventional weapon into an enhanced weapon, they may use the weapon, one Basic Material of that grade, and the required Enhancing Catalysts for an item of that size. To upgrade an item by a Grade, one must use the full number of Enhancing and/or Fusion Catalysts needed, but they need only use 75% of the higher grade Basic Material required, rounded up.

Starting Items and Weapons, Explained:

Now items might seem hard to obtain at first, but worry not! Every character, regardless of race has the option to either receive any Grade D CONVENTIONAL Weapon for their starting character or get an extra 50 Gyun. Reggs also start with a Grade D enhanced weapon of their choice and can remove their Grade D Conventional weapon for the ability to dual wield their enhanced weapon. Alternatively they can choose to have only one weapon, a Grade D fusion weapon. Lastly, they can forfeit all weapons to start with a fat stack of 150 Gyun total (100 bonus Gyun).

For items, one doesn’t start with anything significant. However, characters are allowed one “characterizing” item. This item would be something such as a diary, headphones, bandages, a pack of cigarettes, a pocketwatch, etc. Basically, these items are not clothes, but serve limited uses in the case of combat. Their sole purpose is to add a little extra flavor to a character. These items notably couldn’t be something like a frying pan or handcuffs, due to the solidity and utility nature of these items, which would lead them to constitute weapons.

How Many Items and Weapon Can I Have and Use?

So let’s say you’ve hit the weapon jackpot, and now own more weapons than you could ever know what to do with. That’s great, one can own any number of weapons and items. However, how many weapons can you bring into a thread with you? Once more, that’s up to you. However, one can only wield as many weapons as they can hold, and obviously one can only wear one set of armor. So in reality, your limit is solely how much your character is physically capable of carrying, after all, it’s not like one just magically pulls items out of the void. For the practical reason of being able to move uninhibited by weight, it is recommended that one takes less than their limit. To prevent confusion over what weapons one has and doesn’t have on their possession, in the case that a character is not bringing all their weapons, they are required to specify which weapons they have with them. On the other hand, items have no restriction, and any number can be considered to be “in an inventory” so to speak.
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Item System
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