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ATTENTION!!! David Padilla's Disappearance Has The World In A Muck! The Reggs Have Started A War With The World! Preparation's Are Being Made! Be Ready For The Fight Of Your Life! Copyright ©2015 PurpApe Productions, All Rights Reserved
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Oh no. How could this be?! The war as managed to spread to all corners of the region! Yakao Mocha has finally given in. The madness needs to be stopped. A new Organization known as the Blue Morpho has been created and Yakao has become its leader. Their purpose to save those who need protection from the Mayhem. Yasi has announced if Koba doesn't surrender she will initiate Plan Monarch Striker! Koba refuses to Back down! All three world leaders are now at each others throats! What are we to do? What can we do?! Be on your toes! Don't let you guard down...the real war...has begun.
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Vernos Mallardi (Vanutei) U6xBE Vernos Mallardi Vernos Mallardi (Vanutei) U6xBE
Vernos Mallardi (Vanutei) Untitled-4

General Information
Alias/Nickname: Vern, Vernie, Vennie,
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Race: Vanutei
Descriptive Information
Eye Color: Autumn Wood Brown
Hair Color: Seafoam Green
Skin Color: Slightly tan 
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 167lbs

Overall Physical Description: (Vernos has very daunting eyes. They give off a permanent look of "turn around and walk away" which isn't at all how he feels just how his face looks. Hhe has sea foam green hair that hangs barely past his chin. It is naturally worn hanging freely with moderately short bangs and it cascades around both of his ears. Many would judge his hair as messy but that's just how it grows no matter how hard he tries to groom it. His hair appears slightly messy but it works with his look. He wears a white blouse with a brown leather townsmen vest, The vest wears the insignia of the Vanutei and as the other race insignia's around the waist area. He wears glasses that have a dark wood based frame.He has tan khaki's and white and brown dress shoes. The shoes are rare Vanutei white leaf shoes that Vernos crafted himself. Vanutei are free to wear them if they choose. The white of the leaf is rare to find which makes the shoes have a pure white look to them.. He wears a dark green leafy belt with a V showing in the buckle. Another heirloom to him.
He has a somewhat muscular physique  and always has a very relaxed smile on his face . Naturally that is his daily uniform he wears it all the time and washes it all the time. He doesn't believe in multiple outfits. When training hower he sticks strictly to these dark green and tan colored shorts where he practices on mastering everything about his race in.. The smile is forever welcoming which allows him to make a lot of friends. In his core for just what the description says all vanutei's look like plus the additional Midnight purple aura. 

Strengths: Can naturally befriend anyone and anything. Can move slightly faster than most in core form.
Weaknesses/Fears: Cannot swim

Overall Mental/Emotional Description: Vernos has that go-getter personality to where when he sees an opportunity for something great to happen he will take it no matter what the case might be. He is always honest, caring and respectful to anyone and everyone he meets and who is already in his life. A humble vibe is what he gives you could say. He doesn't beat himself up about a lot of things but at the same time he doesn't like being overly credited or receiving recognition.  At the end of the day all he really cares about is making sure that everyone is alright. 

He has a tendency to put others before himself. He believes in living for the people helping anyone and everyone in whatever way he see fit.
Back Story Overview
Home City: Limrei Town
Current Residence: Limrei Town
-What is the color of your Aura in your Core Form?:  Midnight Purple
-What is your name when in Core Form?: Bonju
-Are You More Friendly With Flowers and shrubs or Trees and bushes: Flowers and Shrubs

Back Story History: Despite being born in a world o chaos and destruction Vernos found it easy to be at one with himself. He always managed to see the bright side of everything no matter the situation. He always tried his best to make every feel included and happy. His parent's were killed in the Regg Genocided when a bunch of Reggs retaliated against all the people with powers killing the majority of the super human population. He was six when that happened and it hurt him for life. He was never able to smile as bright anymore since them. Although his smile now is relaxing his smile before would make you want to dance with him.

Growing up his energy began to grow with the Earth as his Vanutei genes started to finally develop. Living with his aunt she taught him the ways of the Vanutei and how he can hold his own in almost any match. Using what she had taught him Vernos trained every day perfecting the moves and trying his hardest to get stronger. He then began crafting his moves and abilities befriending all the nature around him so that it could also help him in battle.

Everyday Vernos's aunt would watch him train and spar on his own. How far he has come at such a young age.She remembered the promise she had kept to Vernos's mother. Never let go of her child. However Vernos aunt , Vivian, felt her final days coming as the sickness she had was taking control over her entire body. She would barely survive the year doctors said.
In October Vivian had passed away. Devastated and baffled Vernos didn't know what to do. He had nowhere to go, no one to cry to. His aunt was all he had left. In that moment he kept to himself. Didn't talk to any or even care to build friendships. His heart was shattered and was taking awhile to adapt to the change of pain. The earth felt Vernos sad energy and comforted him with its warm pure aura coating his bones in with the pureness that is earth. The sensation of the warmth calmed and relaxed Vernos it made him view the world differently. Before he saw that world as something he had to fight against now he sees the world as something he has to fight for. His eyes have been open to the possibility of change. He began to study more about David Padilla, who he was and what he was. He learned more than he thought he would about the man and believes that he is still alive. He wants to find him, because he has a plethora of questions to ask, he just needs to find the man to answer them. He is making it a mission of his to find David Padilla and to ask him a pressing question everyone might have: "Why give us powers, and vanish after?" Until his question is answered Vernos will never let his determination in finding the man go.
Now being twenty-two Vernos is doing everything he can to be the peace keeper of everyone, to also be a strong leader, and become the best of the best in everything he does. Although those goals seem a little far away he doesn't care, all he cares about is achieving them not only for himself but for his family, friends, plants, animals. For the World. Without the world none of us would be here.

Stat Distribution:
Might: 22%
Resistance: 19%
Stamina: 16% +15% (31%)
Agility: 22%
Perception: 21%
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Your character has been moved to WIP as per this announcement. This character requires an update to the new character template.

Day "Blue" Kragg + Regg + Location: Limrei Town
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Vernos Mallardi (Vanutei)
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