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ATTENTION!!! David Padilla's Disappearance Has The World In A Muck! The Reggs Have Started A War With The World! Preparation's Are Being Made! Be Ready For The Fight Of Your Life! Copyright ©2015 PurpApe Productions, All Rights Reserved
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Oh no. How could this be?! The war as managed to spread to all corners of the region! Yakao Mocha has finally given in. The madness needs to be stopped. A new Organization known as the Blue Morpho has been created and Yakao has become its leader. Their purpose to save those who need protection from the Mayhem. Yasi has announced if Koba doesn't surrender she will initiate Plan Monarch Striker! Koba refuses to Back down! All three world leaders are now at each others throats! What are we to do? What can we do?! Be on your toes! Don't let you guard down...the real war...has begun.
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 David Padilla

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PostSubject: David Padilla   David Padilla I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 11, 2015 2:58 pm

David Padilla U6xBE Place Name Here David Padilla U6xBE
[img*]((PLACE INSIGNIA HERE))[/img]

General Information
Alias/Nickname: David Padilla
Age: 170
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual
Race: All

Descriptive Information
Eye Color: My eyes are an Icy Grey
Hair Color: I am Bald. No hair on my head
Skin Color: It is a light olive tone with a light brown tint. Been out in the sun for too long
Height: 181cm
Weight: 73kg

Overall Physical Description: (Please give a brief 250 word paragraph on the overall look of your character. Be as detailed as possible.)

Strengths: I am a divine being. What else is their to be said?
Weaknesses/Fears: The only thing I fear is death itself and I can assure you he won't be knocking on my door anytime soon. 

Overall Mental/Emotional Description: I am a very sarcastic old man. I do not let things get to me and I brush off all comments made to those who i feel inferior to my powers. I am not one for making friends and don't plan on making any friends in my long life. I've been alone for a century and half I can go another five centuries and still be just as fine. I have learned that being helpful is a waste of time so I primarily have people help themselves, I lift my finger for no one. I may seem mean or unappealing in the eyes of a lot of you but I can assure you I've sen my fare share of death, destruction and sorrow to know how human's work. There is no reasoning with you people at all. One thing I do particularly not like are humans. Every now and then there will be a few in which I will kindly be acquainted with, but that is it, nothing more nothing less. I basically do things as I see fit..if someone doesn't like it...who is going to stop me?

Back Story Overview

Home City: A place none of you would be familiar with
Current Residence: Moleri village

Back Story History: I had traveled far and wide in search of a place to bestow my blessing on the people among it. I remember nothing of my childhood and quite frankly I could careless about the past. I traveled to different places to see how those would react to someone with abilities such as mine. Without any questions, any concerns, without any words even coming out their mouth the immediately saw me as different and a freak and banned me from every city I stepped foot in; every town, every village, everything. I tried making my own little spots for sleeping and what not since I was homeless but even in my homeless days I never saw the light of day. Everyone always tormenting me for my gift, all the time. Making friends wasn't an option for me from the start and I don't see it ever being an option for me. 

I traveled around the Odrea region trying to find believers, people who would except me and my gift. I was stranded in the Southern part of Odrea for a while not fully knowing what direction to travel in. I smelled of utter decay and all because no one would lend my water for a shower. Every one closed me off, made me feel like the freak, like I needed to be erased from the world. i can say that at this portion of my life I was a very nice and caring individual...just trying to share my gift with people so I wouldn't feel so lonely I suppose but there was no way in hell I could get through to any one of these pathetic individuals. I could easily kill all of them and leave...but that wasn't the message I wanted to send. I spent most of my life not fully knowing about my childhood and not even knowing what my full purpose was. I am one special man in a large massive world of people who are all the same; not like me. 

Every where I went, I was hazed, spit on, chased, stabbed. The list will go on and on forever and even in the moments I helped people they all looked at me as if I was some godforsaken plague. Human's every single one of them terrible beings. Selfish, Ignorant, Unintelligent...a waste of space. One night however was the night the decided the fate of humanity. Sleeping in the desert with nothing but the clothes on my back and cactus people I heard noises from afar. Had no idea where they were coming from but they sounded like a herd of people. I saw flames, I saw torches; it was a mob.

I still refused to use my powers on them because I knew I could easily kill them, so I accepted what was coming my way. They tied me up and strapped me to a boulder. The beat me senseless, spit in my face even branded my body. They tortured me, but not enough to put fear in my spirit...oh no fear is what would be brought in their spirits. After they beat me they left me there. Bloody, pathetic, lifeless. I struggled to raise my head to look at a large mountain just off the horizon. I that moment what must be done. 

I traveled to the mountain. It took me a week just to get to its base. Through the blistering desert heat, to the cold bitter desert nights I made sure I got there in time to bestow my "blessing" on this world. I started climbing the mountain. I climbed and climbed with no breath in between. I had to reach the top, the top was my goal. Blisters covered my hands and feet as my bones grew very weak. I had called upon the energy of the earth and unleashed my core form to help assist me further in my travels. It all was playing out nicely. Making it to the half way mark however my core form had dispersed and I was on my own from here on out. Seventy-two days it took me to climb this mountain. A mountain only the gods could have created. When OI had made it to the top, beaten, bruised and exhausted I clutched my spirit and releasing every once of energy I could, thinking about all the hate, abuse, fear that these people had put inside me....I released it...I released all of it!

I David Padilla will not be a man to be made a fool of! I want this people to put themselves ina  chaotic frenzy for how they treated me! let death be brought amongst them! Let fear wash over these lands! I will return when the time is right! but then I do...there might not be anything to return to... That was my speech...that was all of it. I not only wanted to curse the land....but I wanted to also protect those who did no harm to everyone a special gift was definitely the only way to punish yet congratulate these people for not only being imbeciles...but for showing me how strong I really am...and when I do return to Odrea...Altamones, Corleiks, Reggs, Vanutei, Czigus, ready because this old man..will be hitting hard! And just like that I dispersed...transfered all of my energy into everyone of the people I could and within an instant I vanished..gone with the wind. Heading to a new region...where people will treat me as a I deserve to be treated.


Vernos Mallardi
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David Padilla
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