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ATTENTION!!! David Padilla's Disappearance Has The World In A Muck! The Reggs Have Started A War With The World! Preparation's Are Being Made! Be Ready For The Fight Of Your Life! Copyright ©2015 PurpApe Productions, All Rights Reserved
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Oh no. How could this be?! The war as managed to spread to all corners of the region! Yakao Mocha has finally given in. The madness needs to be stopped. A new Organization known as the Blue Morpho has been created and Yakao has become its leader. Their purpose to save those who need protection from the Mayhem. Yasi has announced if Koba doesn't surrender she will initiate Plan Monarch Striker! Koba refuses to Back down! All three world leaders are now at each others throats! What are we to do? What can we do?! Be on your toes! Don't let you guard down...the real war...has begun.
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PostSubject: Creature List   Creature List I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 19, 2015 11:15 pm



Gender Ratio



Danger Level/RP Level Range

Ruco (Roo-koh)

Web winged manta rays with a singular eye on their underside. The eye generates when they fly through a cloud collecting every ounce of electricity that it can before shooting it off to it nearest victim. The can shoot it off to an ally and cause a lightning ring which is a deadly attack that creates  a large lightning strike to singe and burn anything within the circle

60% Male

40% Female

6 fix in width a foot in height.

Northern Odrea



Hunica (Hue-nee-kah)

Tiny fuzz balls that have large eyes in the middle of them. When they cluster they become giant bombs and explode if they sense a threat. They normally travel in groups.



Western Godai, Laikaido Ocean



Nihj (Nai-hij)

Small Caterpeetle insects that excrete a liquid ooze from their outer shell. The Ooze can be used as an energy supplement and can be used to heal even the most fatal of wounds (unless it’s a severed head) the ooze can heal anything just as long as the host of the wound is still breathing.

20% male

5in tall 2 inches wide

Western Godai, Eastern Godai



Kredus (Cray-duhs)

Fluffy monkey creatures that when scared, upset, or hurt become rather vicious and dangerous. Caution when approaching these animals.


1ft tall

Eastern odrea, northern odrea, southern odrea.



Xy (Zai)

Gastly three tailed foxes that cast nightmares on you stunning you for a post. the foxes have white masks on with red markings on them. Each fox appears with flames on the tip of each tail different colors per fox.

100% Female

8 ft tall3 feet in width

Eastern Odrea



Wermu (Wur-moo)

The largest living mammal of its time. The Wermu is known as the Titan of the sea. Weighing in at roughly over 98 short tons (196000lbs) this monstrous being can swallow whole a full grown blue whale if said species existed anymore. The Wermu carries on its back a rocky shell that can inhabit an entire city of 40,000 people. Imagine the size of this beast. Its only natural however that a being of this size could live on a massive planet. Males are rare two find and are in fact a fraction larger than the female which is the size stated above earlier.


90% Female


Laikaido Ocean


5 lvl gains
100 gyun

Garg (Garhg)

Garg’s are flying serpents that have no eyes and no mouth. Their sense of smell and hearing exceed all other animals and kill their prey by constricting them and draining their aura.


4ft to 20ft in length

Laikaido Ocean, Northern Odrea, Western Odrea.



Pulm (Poolm)

A giant saber-tooth tiger, reptile breed. Babies are normally six feet in length and 3 feet in height while adults are generally double that. In their fangs they hold a very deadly venom that is hard to remove from the body cause it spreads quickly. They also are extremely fast runners

50% male
50% female

6ft tall, 4 feet in length

Southern Odrean, Western Odrea.



Fumaha (Foo-mah-haw)

A land/water mammal that not only can breath in air but it also can breath underwater. It's body can self adapt to the environment that it is in if the environment is mostly air based or water based. when on land it is slightly furry with a pur white coat. its eyes shift from solid black to solid silver. When its mouth is open it has extremely sharp teeth. When underwater it develops gills and webbed feet. its eyes glow a luminous blue color and its teeth grow 5 inches in length. It eats sea food on land and land food in the sea.

100% Male

5ft tall

Laikaido ocean, wermu den, Roiyu Grotto



Yark Yark
(Yahrk Yahrk)

 Melon sized white and orange bird creatures with a small outer mouth appearance but if they spot you they purposely expand their mouth opening it by a foot and a half letting out a ear shattering scream that hurts you and aggrivates near by creatures and causes them to attack you.

50% Male
50% Female

2ft tall
1 foot wide




Olik (Oh-lihq)

This being comes from a parallel world. It loosely resembles a salamander, and it has a tail ending in an eye. Its body is skeletal, yet it has functioning organs.

65% Male

3ft tall
2ft wide

Laikaido Ocean, Eastern Odrea.



Owlouce (Ow-loohs)

furry ball shaped owl/mouse hybrid. They always travel in groups and are known as guiders. if provoked they summon a large spirit to attack you. this spirit is linked with them. defeat it you defeat them

75% female

2ft tall
1 ft wide

Northern Odrea, Southern Odrea, Western Odrea



Cybana (Sai-bah-nuh)

Mechanically anti gravity jellyfish that have escape the lab of Korsu and have scattered all over Southern Odrea and Laikaido ocean. They can shock and cut you. 


Body Height: 3feet

Tentacle length:

Southern Odrea, Laikaido Ocean



Lugrim (Luh-grehm)

A giant skeletal golem species. These large beasts are said to once be Core form Vanutei's as the wear the skull of their former titan self as a helmet. They are a rather friendly species however when aggravated can be high dangerous because they cut ties with all emotions except anger and rage by this time you must either run, kill, or try to handicap them.


12ft tall

Western Odrea



Margina (Mahr-GEE-nah)

Creepy crawlies with wings. Margina's spider like creatures with moth like wings. There webs can hold nearly anything. The are mostly found in the desert and running into one of their sand traps is a pain. They're venomous.

50% Female
50% Male

3 feet tall

wing span 6 feet length from tip to tip

western Odrea




A bunch of deadly sludge monsters with turtle like shells. They are mainly sleeping and only feed at night. If awakened during their slumber their sludge bodies slightly spill out of their shell in order for them to move and attack. If struck by one of these beasts you will be poisoned and stun for a solid two turns. (Poison is -15% stamina)

50% Male
50% Female

5ft tall
120lbs (Avg)

Western Odrea, Southern Odrea



Large round feathery birds with no wings but long legs. They basically look like feather balls with two sticks lodged in the bottom of them. They are used for transportation for they can run extremely fast and are known as the 2nd speediest creature out there. Don’t let their appearance fool you because they can carry over 700lbs. Babies can carry over 400.

50% Male
50% Female

6ft tall

100lbs (Avg)

Western Odrea, Southern Odrea, Eastern Odrea, Northern Odrea.



Five tailed fox/wolf creatures with antlers that resemble those of a deer. They are naturally friendly but are extremely territorial. Their colors change per season. Autumn they have a orange circular patch of fur on their forehead while the rest of their body is light brown. The tips of their tail are Orange as well. During winter their light brown coat switches to black for females and white for males. The circular patch and tail tips are a light blue color. During the spring their fur is a salmon color. The circle and tail tips stay blue. In the summer their fur turns a beautiful light green color for females and a vibrant orange color for males. The circle and tail tips are white. Males have the horns females do not.

50% Male
50% Female


Eastern Odrea



They are tiny brown rhino/armadillo hybrids. These frightening creatures can go from being the size of an egg to the size of boulders. They attack on site and when they do see you they expand to boulder size and will roll you out if you do not move. Normally travel in clusters of 6.


from half a foot to 7ft sized boulders

Western Odrea, Southern Odrea



Large skeletal bats that only awaken when they since life is nearby. They naturally drain life whenever life is present and when life is present their skeletal appearance changes into large full flesh and fur bats. These bats still have skeletal heads just the rest of their body is functioning with life. 

70% male
30% female


Western Odrea, Northern Odrea


Andy’s are creatures that take the form of whoever they manage to touch. You never know where one might be which is why their known appearance is unknown. They can be anyone or anything.




Varies 1-10


A highly dangerous creature. Not as dangerous as the wermu but definitely not something you’d want to face alone. It is known as the titan of the sky as it resides in the sky. It has the head of a jaguar and the body of a dragon. It carries itself with the wind not with wings. This creature has no home as it travels wherever it pleases. Encountering it could definitely be a random occurrence.




2 level gains

Below is the list of the Danger Level Rating Numbers (DLRN) For each monster. This should give you a better understanding of what each danger level means.

Danger Level Rating NumberDanger Level Description
1Will never harm you (unless stated otherwise in its description)
2Still safe to be around, however will still be just barely dangerous if intimidated.
3Minimal caution needed, somewhat safe too be near.
4More than minimal caution needed. Slightly less safe to be near.
5Caution When approaching. Safe to be near depending on creature.
6Caution Needed. Bare minimum of safety to be near.
7More Caution Needed. Safety will vary.
8High Caution Needed. No Safety.
9Extreme Caution Needed. No Safety.
10(10*,10**,10***, X*)10-ULTIMATE CAUTION NEEDED (Based on the * that determines how much more dangerous the creature is. In other words for the Wermu example multiple ULTIMATE CAUTION NEEDED by 2 and imagine the caution that would be needed when facing this beast xD. Also X* Is a DLRN that exceeds that limits of a Wermu. Creatures that are that high of a danger level must be fought instantly by level 100 characters)

Copyright ©2015 PurpApe Productions, All Rights Reserved

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Posts : 204
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PostSubject: Re: Creature List   Creature List I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 22, 2015 5:39 pm

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Posts : 204
Join date : 2015-08-18
Age : 24
Location : US-Washington State

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PostSubject: Re: Creature List   Creature List I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 06, 2015 11:44 pm


- DLRN Chart
- Species Rp Levels Added

-Species Fixed XP Gain

Vernos Mallardi
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PostSubject: Re: Creature List   Creature List I_icon_minitime

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Creature List
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