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ATTENTION!!! David Padilla's Disappearance Has The World In A Muck! The Reggs Have Started A War With The World! Preparation's Are Being Made! Be Ready For The Fight Of Your Life! Copyright ©2015 PurpApe Productions, All Rights Reserved
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Oh no. How could this be?! The war as managed to spread to all corners of the region! Yakao Mocha has finally given in. The madness needs to be stopped. A new Organization known as the Blue Morpho has been created and Yakao has become its leader. Their purpose to save those who need protection from the Mayhem. Yasi has announced if Koba doesn't surrender she will initiate Plan Monarch Striker! Koba refuses to Back down! All three world leaders are now at each others throats! What are we to do? What can we do?! Be on your toes! Don't let you guard down...the real war...has begun.
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Races of Padilla - Revamped Vote_lcapRaces of Padilla - Revamped Voting_barRaces of Padilla - Revamped Vote_rcap 
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 Races of Padilla - Revamped

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PostSubject: Races of Padilla - Revamped   Races of Padilla - Revamped I_icon_minitimeTue May 03, 2016 8:49 am

Races of Padilla - Revamped Untitled-635

Cosmic Light Beings

Czigus (CHEE-goohz): A race of beings made out of light. Many would relate the talents of this race to necromancy; however what the Czigus do is a little bit more complex than that. They have the ability to live inside the body of a person who is dead and control the body of someone who is alive. When living in the body of a dead person they have a time limit of up to 2-3 years to live in said body before it disintegrates and they have to find a new host. As a Czigus they cannot live on their own, so most of their lives they are constantly living other people’s lives not fully having their own identity. Czigus gain all the knowledge of the body they are residing in from what the person tasted throughout their life, their experiences, their mentality, so on and so forth. When the body that a Czigus is residing in disintegrates they keep all of the knowledge from that person and bring that information into their new host and the cycle repeats itself until they can’t find a new body. Once that happens a Czigus only has 3 days to find a new one before they themselves die.

Brief Example: Think of them as beings of light which range from either a ball of light or a humanoid light figure of various colors. They are living breathing human parasites and when they take control of a dead body they bring that body back to its prime and heal all of the person physical wounds practically crafting a brand new body.
Brief History: Czigus are a race of secrets. They are so reserved from others even themselves that they never expose who they really are to anyone. The reason for that is because their actual bodies are harvested for crafting materials by Reggs which is why they are always in constant hiding. Half of the time to Czigus don’t even know they are talking to one another because of how afraid they are from the rest of the world; they act like and talk like the body of the person they are living in. No one knows that they are speaking to a Czigus, not even a Czigus themselves.

Czigus gain 7 extra percents to perception.

Races of Padilla - Revamped Moon


Divine Magis

Altamone (AHL-tuh-mohn): Spell casters, wizards, witches and warlocks can never compare to an Altamone. By being able to control nearly eight elements at a time such as Fire, Lightning, Water, Earth, Air and Ice even elements like Dark, Light, Time, Gravity and Space this is a race to be reckoned with. How a Altamone is able to harness multiple elements is by utilizing Sacred tomes that only they are able to read. These tomes have been scattered all through the world of Gavenia and if an Altamone finds one of an element that they do not have they are able to read the tome and gain the knowledge of said tome and its element that is has. For lower level Altamones they must hold on to these books until they become a high enough level to where they do not need them to use their abilities. If an Altamone has 8 elements already and finds a tome of an element they do not have they are able to sacrifice one of their current tomes and replace it with the one they had just found. For Example: If an Altamone Finds a Water tome and wants to Replace one of their Current elements such as Air, the books themselves perform a spell on the Altamone making them forget everything they knew about Air and gain knowledge about Water.

Brief Example: They polar white eyes, sea mist blue skin and are known for having lips that are dark in color ranging from purple, red and blue.

Brief History: Altamone’s tend to do well when it comes keeping to themselves. They avoid conflict as much as possible but sometimes in a world of war influence gets the best of you which is understandable. When the disappearance of David Padilla occurred sacred tomes were discovered several weeks later that could only be read by certain individuals, and the moment those individuals touched their first tome their physical appearance changed all together as well as their mentality causing them to be nose deep in their tomes and shutting out the rest of the world. The tomes that the Altamones hold can be found almost anywhere from desert caves, town libraries, forests and the ocean as well.

Altamones receive 7 extra percents to perception.

Races of Padilla - Revamped Untitled-4


Fissure Walkers

Vanutei (VAU-noo-TAE): Many would call these people ‘Mother Nature’s Disciples’. They are so connected to the earth and the land animals that live amongst it that they are able to communicate with the animals and plants alike. An interesting fact about this race is they have two forms; Their regular every day form, called their Herba form and their second form called their Terra Form. Their Terra Form is an ability they only use when the situation ultimately demands it. When “going terra” the Vanutei conjure and earth spirit to take their place and turn into giant stone golems that range from 25-60ft in height. Each Golem is unique to its Vanutei and has cracks in their bodies that radiate the color of the Vanutei’s aura. Vanutei are mainly calm beings until aggravated or pushed into a corner. Many Vanutei reside together because they believe that the world will be peaceful once more and tend to not altercate with fights and such. They are known to be peacekeepers and will do whatever it takes to make sure the peace remains if someone or something is trying damage or take it.

Brief Example: When in Herba form, a Vanutei looks like your everyday person. However, Vanutei only have brown or green hair varying in different shades of each color. When in Terra form the Vanutei skins turns to charcoal black stone and they increase 5 to 15 times their own size.

Brief History: When people of this race discovered who and what they were everything about their mentality to the way they dressed changed. They view themselves as protectors of the earth and have been that way since the day their powers were discovered. They are as humble as they can be and tend to make sure everyone is in a good mood because it’s what the world needs. Since the war has started the Vanutei have been doing little to nothing in participation with the war however they are offering their services as guards and sheltering those affected. Many people believe the Vanutei think they are better than others, which isn’t the case because they view everyone as equal individual, titles mean nothing to them.

Vanutei gain 3 extra percents to resistance and 5 extra percents to stamina.

When in Terra form, Vanutei get an additional 3% Stamina boost + 7% might Boost.

Races of Padilla - Revamped Untitled-3532


Disciplinary Disciples

Exatiaz (EHKS-ZAH-tee-uhz): This race needs no guns, no swords, no weapons at all to fight in combat because their physical body is a weapon in itself. By creating spine swords, vein whips, even eye ball grenades this race takes thinking outside the box to a whole new level. Their passive regeneration ability makes them heal 10 times faster than any other race and are considered to be immortal only because some can take out their hearts and have another one grow back while they are in the process of taking out the original one. Some people from this race are even known to shoot the bones from the tips of their fingers as if they are bullets and there hand being the gun. This race’s options of weaponry are practically limited and limitless at the same time.

Brief Example: Exatiaz have blacked out eyes with solid yellow pupils. They also have black markings on their bodies that are different per person. Some Exatiaz feel pain during the process of regeneration some feel nothing.

Brief History: When the Exatiaz race was born a lot of people called them freaks and didn’t entirely treat them with a lot of respect like they did other races, it is because of the neglect they received from the other races that the Exatiaz only will ever trust their people and only their people unless given a reason to cut the other races some slack. You have races that can control elements, others who can control the bodies of the dead and living and a race that can communicate with land animal life and plants, then you have a race that can pull their entire spine from their back and launch eye ball grenades in whatever direction they want. It is because they are slightly so different from the other races that it was hard for others to adjust to living in the same world with people who used their bodies as a weapon.

Exatiez gain an extra 7 percents to stamina, and 2 percents to both might and resistance.

Races of Padilla - Revamped Sword1


Machina Steam Punks

Regg (REHG):  A race of technologically advanced, steam punk geniuses. Reggs have been known to create weapons and machines ranging from standard guns and swords to mecha-war suits and arm laser canons. With their minds the possibilities of what they can make and when they can make it are constantly limitless. They have been known to start one of the first black markets in the world of Gavenia and are actively becoming a wealthier and wealthier race as days go by.

Brief Example: To put this race into perspective, even though they are based 500 years in the past, in an alternate universe, they are Stillwell over 200 years ahead of Japan.

Brief History: When the Reggs were looked down upon by the rest of the world because they were thought to have no powers. Nearly 95% of them all moved to the southern portion of the region to create a new life for themselves. When moving to the southern portion of the region they created their first city which they called “Hun City”; their home. The Reggs then formed an organization known as the Monarchs who want to kill all people with special abilities and what not. In just 3 years’ time they went from being 35% of the world’s population to 55%. Massive genocide, war, and even raids and rapes were created by this organization mainly because of how they were treated by a select few races do to not having flashy powers. They were tormented, teased, and ran out of their homes which was the drive that pushed them to become a cold, sinister, manipulative race.

Reggs receive no base stat boosts. However, starting at level 10 they receive augmentations every 10 levels.


Races of Padilla - Revamped Untitled-5-1


Spirit Warriors

Corleik (KOHR-leek): The race of spirit warriors. This race starts off by finding a spirit companion than can be found in just about any item from a sock to a great sword and everything in between. Corleiks normally start off with one main spirit that they make an unbreakable spiritual connection with. Every spirit they find after their first one are considered ‘support spirits’ spirits that can be left go if the Corleik feels as if its best to release them; They cannot under any circumstances get rid of their first spirit for if they do they die, if their first spirit dies the Corleik dies as well and vice versa. A Corleik can hold up to four spirits at a time and when they become 75% bonded and connected to their first initial spirit they are able to fuse two other spirits to the first one to create a Spirit Templar, which is more or less like a permanent Evolution for their first spirit. The Templar still counts as one spirit in itself and meaning that they can carry 3 more spirits right after it, however they only need one spirit to fuse to the Templar to permanently evolve it into a Spirit Dragoon which is the final form/phase of their first spirit. Their spirits emit themselves from the Item almost looking like a ghost with a spirit tether connected to their Home Item. Once a spirit reaches Dragoon level the tether is removed and they can move freely with their Spirit Warrior. When a Corleik utilizes their spirit in battle by summoning it from its item, the item turns into a weapon for the Corleik to use while in battle.

Brief Example: A Corleik doesn’t find their first spirit, it in a way finds them. The spirit will sense its potential master and telepathically call out to him or her and they will not stop until their Corleik finds them. This has been known to make some people who aren’t Corleiks go crazy. Side Note*** a Corleik has a few distinctive features such as purple/auburn hair and a single red gem located in varying spots on a Corleik per Corleik.

Brief History: Corleiks are the youngest race to discover their powers. They were first mistaken for Reggs due to not showing that they had any powers. About a decade or so after the other races discovered their powers the Corleiks finally bloomed. Once the Reggs started the genocide and war killing a large portion of the other races, it was the Corleiks primarily who took a stand to counteract the Reggs and their mission. Since the Corleiks are such a young race their history isn’t at all long, but they created an organization they call the GBW and they believe everyone should live on Gavenia without having to worry about anything but happiness. Although the war is now four years in they understand that force will have to be brought in order for the peace to return.

Corleiks gain 8 extra percents to might and 2 extra percents to stamina.
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Races of Padilla - Revamped
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