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ATTENTION!!! David Padilla's Disappearance Has The World In A Muck! The Reggs Have Started A War With The World! Preparation's Are Being Made! Be Ready For The Fight Of Your Life! Copyright ©2015 PurpApe Productions, All Rights Reserved
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Oh no. How could this be?! The war as managed to spread to all corners of the region! Yakao Mocha has finally given in. The madness needs to be stopped. A new Organization known as the Blue Morpho has been created and Yakao has become its leader. Their purpose to save those who need protection from the Mayhem. Yasi has announced if Koba doesn't surrender she will initiate Plan Monarch Striker! Koba refuses to Back down! All three world leaders are now at each others throats! What are we to do? What can we do?! Be on your toes! Don't let you guard down...the real war...has begun.
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General Information
Alias/Nickname: Yak, Yao, Yoya
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Race: Vanutei

Descriptive Information
Eye Color: My eyes have been compared to Silver spoons before
Hair Color: My hair is a light green mossy color.
Skin Color: I have a Tan-tinted Olive complexion
Height: 182cm
Weight: 77kg

Overall Physical Description:  I wear a nicely fitted white blouses with silver lining. It is slightly unbuttoned near the top with  polished grey buttons traveling down the center of it escaping behind the waistband of my pants. The pants are also nice fitted greyish, silver dress capri's. The dress shoes I wear are a light faded blue color. I have a very average body. I am not too skinny and not to "overly huge" I have a slightly muscular physique and I am average height for a man. My eyes are always relaxed when first you look at me and even then they are still always relaxed. I've been told I walk around with a look on my face as if I got a secret to tell. Which must be a mistake because I don't keep secrets, secrets are for the weak. Anyways in core form my lovely goddess Lulu has a grayish black skin tone appearance and is evenly proportioned for a Female Core Spirit.

Strengths: I have great persuasion skills that have gotten me out of very tight situations. Not a strength I like to note but apparently I have a charm about me that makes people want to tell me everything, it takes a lot for me to get tired as well.
Weaknesses/Fears: I fear death, although I've never witnessed it its not something I particular am waiting for. I will never kill anyone. Also I can't swim.
Overall Mental/Emotional Description: Many would say I am the type that is known to always play by the book, or "play safe". In all honesty I just use common sense. I don't think of myself as rude, mean or ignorant. I do try my hardest to make sure I don't offend anyone and so far the only person that doesn't like me is Yasi so I'd say I am doing pretty good so far. I love meeting new people and reuniting with old friends. Just the thought of meeting new faces sends me in to an overwhelming frenzy of joy and happiness. I have a tendency to always avoid conflict which is why I am thankful to have my Core Spirit. For without her I think I'd be dead already. I am an analyzer meaning I can tell you four things about yourself right when you walk in the door without even knowing who you are. It is a skill of mine I will forever treasure and take with me anywhere. I love eating fruit kabobs religiously and you can always catch me eating on no matter the weather, time of day or even dire situation we might be in. I will always have time for fruit kabobs. Growing up I have developed a very comical, theatrical, and yet professional personality. It isn't often people get to say they grew up to be what they've always wanted to be.
-What is the color of your Aura in your Core Form?:Bright Silver -
-What is your name when in Core Form?: Lulu-
-Are You More Friendly With Flowers and shrubs or Trees and bushes: Trees and Bushes-

Back Story Overview
Home City: Galvin City
Current Residence: Dunir Village
Back Story History: Things were escalating fast and I had to make sure everyone was safe. I grew up with Koba and Yasi. Yasi didn't particularly like me and till this very day I still don't know why. Too make things better on me and Koba's friendship and Yasi and Koba's relationship I always let the two have their alone time, even if it meant I would be seeing less and less of my friend. 

I grew up in Galvin city with a moderate to happy life; the war was going on but it didn't phase me not one bit, I mean why would it? I didn't want any part in the killing of man nor did I want any part in the violence among mankind. How much longer are we going to continue to kill people until there is no one else left to kill?  
Thankful to Kilal that my parent's died of natural causes as their spirits drifted away in their slumber. I do not want anyone on this planet to be taken by the hands of man for that is no way to go. Anywho moving on to more pressing matters, I was always the one Koba ran to for advice when he needed/wanted it. He was my only friend and it was nice having that connection with him. He would tell me everything about what him and Yasi do and what they did. It felt great to have someone trust me enough to tell me everything, it felt great while it lasted.
As the genocide intensified Koba and Yasi began seeing less and less of each other, I know that because Koba was spending more time with me than usual. He asked me what would be the best thing for us to do and I flat out told him it would be best if you and Yasi end things now so that neither one of you gets killed. Just because you guys are lovers doesn't mean the whole world will let it slide...someone will be out to get you guys. Do you really want to run and hide for the rest of your life? Being afraid that you might be hunted, assassinated...executed? 
I was trying to let him know  I support his decisions 100% of the way in the most indirect way possible. I only did that because any fool could see that Yasi and Koba could never be a thing. I had finally convinced him to have her leave the city. I myself didn't want to see her go because I felt it would be good to have built some kind of relationship with her, but I was only doing what I felt was best for the team. I just hope Koba agrees. After leaving her Koba spent most his days at my place, sulking over the loss of his former lover.
One night...and by Aders words you shall not repeat this to anyone, Koba and I had kissed. For a brief moment I had fallen in love with him, but I had to quickly reject his notions. He told me he loved me, for everything that I have done for him and for still sticking by his side through all the mess. I told him I would always be by his side, but we could only be friends; only friends...

As the years went by Yasi would send letters to Koba. I immediately got rid of them and hid the evidence. I could not let Koba's heart fill the pain of leaving Yasi...and I couldn't have Yasi come back here for fear of her getting killed. Koba and I decided to preoccupy ourselves. We talked endlessly about how much we hated the war, till we finally decided to do something about it. And thus the Goliath Bird-Wing Corporation was made. We helped those injured from the war, both mentally, physically and emotionally. We did our very best to help as many people as we saw fit.
When we had received a letter from Yasi something told me to open it, so I did. It appeared as though she had become the leader of an organization known as the Monarchs located in the southern Odrea region. She had practically declared war on the rest of the world and it was in this moment that our friendship: both Koba and I, was truly put to the test. We knew war was inevitable so I tried my hardest to find every possible solution outside of killing people. But I fear that I was too late.
Koba's parent's volunteered themselves for a better tomorrow...and a better tomorrow is what no one received...fools. They were slaughtered in the midst of war and a blood lust rippled in Koba's eyes. The friend before me, was a changed man, not the guy who kissed me, not the playful boy I grew up with, a stone
Koba was going to put himself on the front lines and risk his life for the vengeance of his parents. Although I could not understand what it felt to lose ones parent's by war I knew that getting revenge over their deaths was a solution that helped no one. I tried my hardest to beg him not to go out to war and to think of other more reasonable solutions but he was having none of what I was saying. He had went out to war and I prayed to Kilal for his safe return.
He returned safely, but their was a dull shine in his eye, a shine of murder. I had soon found out, from Koba himself, that he had killed Yasi's parent's. He was still hurting and troubled from his parent's being killed...I guess killing someone else didn't fill the void. But unfortunately for him he had lost someone else; Me. I told him, that the Goliath Bird Wing corp was created to help people..not kill people. He begged me to stay, he cried for me to stay. He even kissed me again...and this time I let him...for it would be our last. 
I traveled east, gathering a large number of people who wanted no part in the war. We made our own civilizations and monuments and lived as if we were in a time where war never existed...chaos, calamity, destruction...all nothing but a mere myth. We had all been separated at some point, Yasi and I, Yasi and Koba...Koba and I. Nothing good comes out of war...I just hope that this time they see it for themselves.
Perception: 100%

Vernos Mallardi
Current Location: Limrei Town
 Traveling With: Day, Kamala, & Catharsis
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