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PostSubject: RACE REGION POLL   RACE REGION POLL I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 12, 2016 12:14 pm

Hello and welcome again! Its a new year as new days are headed our way. I am asking everyone who is available to do a poll for me voting for you Top five favorite races! 1 means its your go to race, the race you love above all others! 5 means its not your favorite race but still a race your slightly adore just not your first option more of like a last resort.  

Below are all the races you have to choose from. Thank you guys again!:



Czigus (CHEE-gooz) - This race of individuals are known to be spectral/energy beings. They are able to take control of the body of a dead person and gain knowledge of everything that person has said, thought, done, etc. They are also able to live in the body for a certain amount of time (2-3 years) and after the time is up the body disintegrates and they must find a new host. They are able to use the ability that the person once had when they were alive. Very few people have physically scene a Czigus spiritual body, in fact 99.99% of everyone in the world doesn’t even know if they are talking to one.

EXAMPLE/BLUNT EXPLANATION: You Are Practically A Human Parasite That can control the dead by physically, mentally, spiritually and emotional seeping into their bodies.

Brief History: Not much is known about the Czigus. Their history is just as visible as they are. There never was a specific place in where they would congregate because they were always in the host of someone else. Czigus are a shy race of people as is. They hardly tell people anything about who they really are when inside a host, they only tell people everything about that host body they are in. Other than that more information on Czigus cannot be given.

  • Czigus Characters have a 15% agility boost

  • Starts off with 5 custom abilities

Being A Czigus, you must not willingly reveal to others that you are a Czigus. If you do you will have to find a new body to take and abandon your current one.


Altamone (AHL-tuh-mohn)- This race of individuals is known to be Spell casters of sorts. By using the four elements and even being able to bend light, dark, time, space and even gravity, this breed of humans are a force to be reckoned with. They take elements to levels unheard of. They use books to learn about the elements and how to expand their power; however they do not need the books to use their powers. When gaining the required knowledge from the book they can choose if they want to keep it or not. However in order to expand their arsenal they are going to need those books. Altamones can only have two elements of the ones listed above: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Lightning, Ice, Light, Dark, Gravity, and Time.  They have polar white eyes, and sea mist blue skin. Their lips are always dark in color. Hair can be any color.

EXAMPLE/BLUNT EXPLANATION: They are spell casters, just no wands. Strictly books.

Brief History: When the ability of the Altamones started to develop no one knew they had the “Altamone Will” inside them until only certain people could read the encrypted text of old books found in ruins, and libraries. Being able to discover they could read the text was just half of the ability. The other half was being able to turn that knowledge into full fledged power. They mastered the art of magic from reading the books, almost like they were the chosen ones in a way. Altamones can only know two elements when first starting off. And they can only learn a few moves per element as well.

  • Altamone Characters have a 14% resistance boost

  • Starts off with 5 custom abilities


You can only share your tomes/books with other altamones. Revealing the books to anyone who is not an altamone will temporarily paralyze your ability to use the element of the book you shared with a non-altamone for two in rp topics.


Vanutei (Vah-noo-tae)- Known as beings of the earth, the Vanutei are a respected race amongst races. They have two forms; their nature form and their core form. Their nature form is default. Their hair is either various shades of brown or various shades of green. The reasons for that are because of how their spiritual energy matches the aura of all the plant life around them. They can manipulate vines, ivy, trees, flowers, etc and use them to their advantage. Now for their core form it is mainly used for battle and wars. The core form changes the structure of the Vanutei to where their skin turns into solid black earth. Cracks are automatically formed in their earth skin and radiate the color of their aura. In this form they are able to grow up to ten feet at the least.

EXAMPLE/BLUNT EXPLANATION: Think of them as very stern, yet fair peace keepers.

Brief History: When these beings got their ability they instantly felt uncomfortable living in a city. They didn’t know why, all they knew was that being in nature made them feel a live and wonderful. They lived with nature and all its many wonders for so long (building villages and small civilizations) that their aura began changing to match that of plant life. The earth recognized the Vanutei’s as plants themselves and willingly gave them aura to help them live long healthy lives. However destruction is always unavoidable so as a natural defense these Vanutei discovered an even greater extension of their gift. They call it there core form. Inner energy that they draw out from their being with the help of the earth.  When a vanutei dies it gives off a strange energy that can be harvested as energy for reggs, Vanutei are normally hunted down by reggs for that very reason. Also a vanutei's core spirit is no reflection of the vanutei at all, it is a spirit all its own that lives inside the vanutei as a protector, brother, sister, father, mother, or friend.

  • Vanutei Characters have a 15% stamina boost
  • Starts off with 5 custom abilities

You have lost the ability to swim on top of that if your core spirit is killed while you are in core form you revert to being a regular Being.

RACE REGION POLL Untitled-3532

Exatiaz (EHKS-zah-tee-ahz)- Exatiaz are able to use the mechanics of their being to help aid them in battle. They can tighten their skin to where even a blade can’t cut them. Not much else is known about The Exatiaz race however. They are a small group; enough to fill a town, not enough to fill a city. They usually have Bright yellow or delicate gold hair. Black eyes with large yellow pupils. Black markings on their body a different pattern for each exatiaz (you choose the pattern)

EXAMPLE/BLUNT EXPLANATION: You can use a signature body part as your weapon, razor nails, skin toughness, vein whips, etc.

Brief History: Discovering their ability wasn’t anything all too hard. Their body is a weapon and they can use it to aid them in battle or when they are in danger. People of this race tend to be slightly more aggressive but can still keep cool when need be. Since there are not very many of them out there in the world they frequently tend to stick together a lot. Kind of like a pact. An interesting thing about this race is that they all start off only able to manipulate and control one part of their body as a weapon. however over time it is said that the most skilled Exatiaz's are able to control their very being in whatever they must to aid them in battle.

  • Exatiaz Characters have a 10% resistance boost and 5% stamina boost
  • Starts off with 5 custom abilities


Excessive use of one ability will cause your regeneration to be slower and slightly painful.


Regg (Rehg)- Even without special abilities these people can create some very advanced and creative equipment in regards to guns, beams, lasers, etc. They are the next generation when it comes to mechanics and machinery. Scientist, Mathematicians and Mechanics inhabit this race. White, Grey, Silver, or Platinum Blonde Hair Color and slightly Tan Skin.

EXAMPLE/BLUNT EXPLANATION: Pretty much the human race 100 years ahead of Japan

Brief History/Ability Insight: When the Regg’s were given the short end of the stick it was most certainly discouraging but they managed to hold their own. Their personalities will always vary they are practically regular people with enhanced brain cells that allow them to craft machinery. They learn to be independent and how to accept death. They are always prepared. Reggs are also able to construct and craft their own unique weapons. Things you wouldn't see any where else but their own location in their region.

  • Regg Characters have a 15% speed boost & +10 gyun
  • Starts off with 5 custom abilities


Over use of an item can cause overheating or making it more vulnerable to breaking.

 RACE REGION POLL Untitled-5-1

Corleiks (COHR-leek)- By fusing spiritual energy in to items of all kinds from string to swords these resourceful people have to have a signature item in order to be able to use their abilities or to fight. Whether the weapon be a gun, a staff, a spatula, they options are limitless. Slightly longer kanine teeth. Deep purple eyes and a shining red diamond located on their body (you choose location)

EXAMPLE/BLUNT EXPLANATION: You have two dagger shaped earrings. Infusing your spiritual energy in those two earrings turns them into two very large great swords.

Brief History/Ability Insight:  Corleik’s are an interesting race because they all discovered their powers at a very young age ranging from three years old to twelve, making this an extremely young race. They normally can see the spirits of all objects around them and a few of those spirits call out to them and befriend them and vow to fight alongside them. Kind of like their guardian angels. They have one main spirit that they start off with. In total they can have 4 spirits on their team. when they have 3 spirits in total a spirit fusion can happen where there ain spirit fuses with the two spirits picked up along the way and they all fuse into a Spirit Templar which as a sort of tether spirit line attached to the corleik meaning that the spirit can move about freely but since it is tethered to the corleik it can not go to far. When a fourth spirit is obtained all four spirits fuse together to create a Spirit Dragoon. That being said when this happens the dragoon has no tether and can move about freely as far as they like. When the spirit reaches dragoon level it is said that it can never leave its Corlieks side. They are forever bound.

  • Corleik Characters have a 10% might boost 5% agility boost
  • Starts off with 5 custom abilities


Can only hone four spirits at a time. If you have anymore you will be forced to part ways with them.


Qinos(KEE-nohs)- Known as titan’s of the sea this race also has two forms known as their aquatic form and their core form. Their aquatic form of course is default and their hair varies from light blue, dark blue, and cyan. They have elf like ears and dress like royalty of the sea. They can manipulate water at will and naturally are able to breathe underwater. Their core form however turns them into large mermaid serpents that carry tridents. The tridents are each a unique color and design/style based on the carrier. Their hair grows extremely longer in length and their mermaid tails become the color of their aura in a beautiful scaly pattern. Their core form growing is the same if not identical to that of a Vanutei.

EXAMPLE/BLUNT EXPLANATION: They think highly of themselves but still know how to be humble, they are basically mermaid people.

Brief History:  Qinos received their abilities when the rest of the world did. And just like how the Vanutei escaped to the forest the Qinos escaped to the ocean, and that’s where they reside. They welcome visitors and guests to their humble abode. However offering someone into their land comes for a very might price. They are located at the very bottom of the larger Laikaido waterfall. They actually live right behind it. It serves as a cover and shied for their people. The “entrance exam” to their land however is unknown. Quite frankly most about these people are unknown because they don’t know about the region above the waterfall.
·          Qinos Characters have a 15% Perception boost
·          Starts off with 15 stat points

Zimix (Zih-mehks)- Zimix are known as the cloud surfers. They are able to conjure a cloud from the sky and ride it as if it were an actual surf board. They live extremely high up, and by extremely high up I mean above the clouds. That being said their skin is slightly darker in complexion than most ranging from light brown, dark brown, tan, etc, etc. They can create and manipulate clouds as well as manipulate the elements. An interesting fact about this race is that when riding one of their clouds their hair and eyes begin to glow in a vibrant gold and silver kaleidoscope pattern.

EXAMPLE/BLUNT EXPLANATION: They are carefree and careless individuals who live by their own rules.

Brief History:  Zimix are an interesting race. They too discovered their powers when all other races in this massive planet did. However when they discovered their powers their personalities changed to carefree individuals. They travel as far as the clouds will allow them to and never travel in groups
·          Zimix Characters have a 10% agility boost 5% perception boost
·          Starts off with 15 stat points
Pyrino (Pai-rhi-noh)- This race are known as thermal beings. They can live in weather temperatures that are fifty degrees below freezing or even temperatures that reach blood boiling degrees. They primarily live in and on the sides of a volcano. They are immune to heat, in fact they are able to swim in lava as if it were water. They primarily wear (for males) a personalized necklace with their insignia on it and a skirt with parachute type shorts that are wrapped and bundled at the shins. They also have gold bands around their wrists. For females they wear skin tight tank tops and have the same personalized necklace and bands and also the same lower clothing wear. They both wear no shoes. They use temperature in both offensive, defensive, and supportive ways.

EXAMPLE/BLUNT EXPLANATION: They can control temperature and are immune to ice and fire pretty much.

Brief History: Pyrino have heard about the great Mount Gyaru in legends because of their spiritual connection with their “gods” how they have gathered such information is still unknown to this day but they are definitely equally matched in wisdom to that of a Czigus. They have a ceremony once a year where they each would jump into a volcano as a offering to their gods and remain in said volcano for a certain amount of time before hopping out. They do this because of the stories they have gathered about David Padilla and how holy they think he is. They believe that David Padilla is the answer to their prayers and believe he can wash away all terror and corruption in the world of Gavenia.
·          Pyrino Characters have a 10% resistance boost 5% perception boost
·          Starts off with 15 stat points
Cybon (SAI-bauhn)- Genetically altered Reggs that are part machine/part human. They are known as the Androids of Padilla. The reggs saw them as a failed experiment because the mind control chip in their brains all malfunctioned and once that happened the reggs thought they could easily dispose of the Cybon by throwing them down the Laikaido waterfall. Little did they know, however, there is life at the bottom of Laikaido. Once being thrown at the bottom of the waterfall the Cybon created a life for themselves away from the tyranny of the Reggs, creating their own civilization forgetting nearly everything about themselves before their lives other than the procedures of being turned into a Cybon and all events that happened after that.
Brief History: When sent to the bottom of the waterfall the Cybon took life into their own hands. Forming their own civilization and trying to live life how they see fit. Each Cybon varies in appearance from looking like an actual person to looking like a person with robotic arms or robotic legs. However an interesting thing about Cybon’s is that they do not have a heart at all. Reggs took their hearts out and replaced it with a power cell that still acts a a functioning heart and when removed would still kill a Cybon but when a new one is added the cybon can come back to life.
·          Cybon Characters have a 15% Might boost
·          Starts off with 15 stat points
Draisi (DUHR-rai-see)- Known as descendents of animals this race is split into various tribes based on the Animal kingdom: Mammals, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, Amphibians and Insects. Each person in this race shows features of the animal they are suppose to represent from their head to their toes. The Draisi are also known to hold various personality traits portraying the species they are descendants of. This race is located all over the Lecenia region and tends to only stick to the tribe that favors their animal classification most.
Brief History: When this race was first discovered they were put up on freak shows because of how different they were from most other races in the world of Gavenia. A race that is part animal and part human was something people liked to see. A lot of Draisi were also put on the black market because of their value in rarity. Not many actual animals exist today other than the mutated or cross bred creatures that now roam the lands. However the black market trade of Draisi soon ended when David Padilla stepped foot on the land. He changed their lives for the better and they will forever be grateful to him.
·          Draisi Characters have a 10% might boost 5% agility boost
·          Starts off with 15 stat points

Obicada (OH-bee-kah-dah)- A question asked by many is what happens to a Corleiks spirit item after the Corleiks dies? Well your questions have been answered. When a Corleik spirit item goes to long without its spirit warrior it starts to evolve over time into a living, breathing, doll. All of these dolls come in many different shapes and sizes from appearing as stuffed animals to actual people. If a spirit was bound in an item such as a sword, a gun, dagger etc, they become a human version of themselves with a lot of traits from who they were before becoming Obicada. If the spirit item was a doll or stuffed animal before their spirit warrior died then they would become a larger version of themselves more or less just alive and breathing. Most dolls are known to have solid colored eyeballs ranging from black, green, yellow, orange, white, blue, red, grey, and purple; sometimes mismatched.
EXAMPLE/BLUNT EXPLANATION: Living breathing dolls
Brief History: When their spirit warriors died their spirit items were left abandoned unable to reach out to the outside world without a Corleik to translate for them. They were sold and given as presents to various people. Some were even thrown away with torn arms, missing legs…so on and so forth. Over time however each spirit item began to grow in power as their aura slightly intensified day by day soon enough giving them the ability to talk and speak freely, grow in size and move about as freely and openly as they wanted. Those spirit items that were damaged still remained damaged when they grow up however.
·          Obicada Characters have a 10% might boost 5% agility boost
•          Starts off with 15 stat point

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PostSubject: Re: RACE REGION POLL   RACE REGION POLL I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 12, 2016 1:05 pm

1: Altamone.
2: Vanutei
3: Regg
4: Cybon
5: Exatiaz

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PostSubject: Re: RACE REGION POLL   RACE REGION POLL I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 12, 2016 6:36 pm

1. Regg
2. Cybon
3. Draisi
4. Corleik
5. Zimix or Altamone

Though I may be a tad biased.

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PostSubject: Re: RACE REGION POLL   RACE REGION POLL I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 19, 2016 5:04 pm

1. Corleik
2. Draisi
3. Obicada
4. Cybon
5. Qinos
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PostSubject: Re: RACE REGION POLL   RACE REGION POLL I_icon_minitime

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